Thursday, October 10, 2013

Product Review: Kao Merries Baby Diaper

Two months ago I got an email from Kao Merries to review their brand new baby diaper in the Malaysian market. Kao Merries baby diaper is Japan's No.1 selling diaper and has already been spread across Asia!

Luckily for me Jeev is still on disposable diapers for night use, and I grabbed this opportunity to be among the first in Malaysia to try it on my baby. I received a pack of Kao Merries Diaper Pants size L with 27 pieces, which retails at RM45.

Design and Appearance
First things first, the packaging was impressive as it is easy to slit open on the top instead of making a random tear that I usually do. And it also comes with plastic handles that makes it convenient to lug around.

The body of the diaper is very soft and gentle to the touch. It is very assuring that my kid's waist and thighs are well protected from marks and abrasions. The diaper comes with a yellow line on the outside that turns into green colour to indicate complete soiled diaper and reminder for diaper change. This can be very convenient on busy days or outings when we want to be able to just look, and know
its time!

One interesting feature is a tape on the back of the diaper. When I checked the product information further, it is meant for convenient disposing. Upon the diaper being soiled, we can clear the poo down the toilet, fold and tape the diaper before throwing it into the bin. This ensure impurities and odour from the soiled diaper to stay inside.

Ease of Use
As the diaper is very soft, and has gentle gathers with well stretching elastics, it is very easy to slide on and off my kid, especially when in a rush as my kid is always running and moving away when I dress him.

Functionality and Fit
My favourite feature of the Kao Merries diaper has got to be the flexi-fit "W" shape at the crotch providing my kid a comfortable space of walking about.


The absorbancy works well for overnight use for my medium wetter with no leakage. Ever since my kids sleep through the night, waking up in the middle of the night to change diapers is not our favourite thing, hence absorbancy for night time matters a great deal!

Overall Rating 
On the whole it is a very good diaper for day or night use, with good fit and comfort for the kid.  It also helps that Kao Merries has a good breathability system.

Get yours from the selected AEON outlets, available in tape type for newborns and S size, and pants type in M, L and XL. Retails price is within RM25 to RM45. Check out the facebook page at

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