Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Rebel Turns Two!

My blog is very repetitive in saying 'time flies so fast'. And this blog entry makes no exception. I am still saying - time flies so fast! In the blink of an eye, the baby of the family, Jeev aka the Rebel turns two!

Yes, the two-year-old is a rebel from the time he was born. During pregnancy, I did not sense any rebellious traits from him, but once he is out in our arms he started showing us his colours. You know generation X, Y, etc turns out so much different from the previous? This boy is only +1year from his brother's generation, yet decades apart!

At week 37 of my pregnancy, my waterbag burst. Yet no signs of contraction, or any kind of show. After being admitted for more than 12 hours, and 2 hours of labour, the Rebel obediently decides to come out and greet the world with no medical intervention.

I was adamant on breastfeeding, but the Rebel had difficulties latching. Once we gave in to the bottle, he totally did not want to latch and only wanted the bottle. There a point when we wanted to just pull our hair out. After so much of heartache and trying and trying non stop, he finally learnt to latch, and this time refused the bottle instead, and preferred to comfort suck. Even though we gave him pacifier, the Rebel still refused.

The Rebel never fell for the sleep schedules we had planned for him, rather he only dozed off when he wanted to. Be it nap or bedtime. Even if he did fall asleep ahead of his usual time, he would wake up crying and demand to be entertained till he fell asleep.Thankfully as he grew up he tuned himself into our bedtime routine.

Come 6th month and I geared up for solids. But Rebel refused to eat, rather he could not swallow. It took 2 tries with 2 weeks gap each time to get him onto solids. Then again, second time mummy was all the more glad to delay solid feeding.

The Rebel was turning and crawling so fast that he refused to stay put on the baby rocker, or even the walker. He preferred to be out and about, before getting bored and crying for attention. The Rebel even quietly climbed up the stairs till the top before making sounds telling us he is stranded alone!

The Rebel likes company, all the time. And to him the company of lone mummy does not do it. Hence he was a little more of a high needs baby whose hobby was to cry and replenish the droplets of tears on his cheeks at intervals of an hour or so.

The Rebel does not eat based on schedule. When he is hungry, he will ask for it. But of course being the doting mother (and also out of convenience) I tend to feed him on time with Sanju. Most of the time I am rejected, and he will go out play till he gets hungry and come back to me. And when he does get hungry, the Rebel prefers to self feed, while walking all over the house.

At two years of age the Rebel still refuses to sit on the potty. He prefers to pee and poo onto the soft surfaces of cloth and disposable diapers. There are time when he plays on his brother's potty, only sit there and do nothing.

The Rebel does not sleep in the same direction as everyone else. While we face north, he will face south, kicking his brother with both convenience and amusement. And until he is deep into sleep, he refuses to be moved at all. Yet once we get up in the morning we still find him sleeping towards the foot board of the bed.

Celebrating the super-fast arrival of his birthday brought back so much memories of his growing up days. While the birthdays are celebrated with the birthday person blowing the candles and cutting the cake, the celebration really belongs to the parents. In this case, two years of bringing Jeev up! As parents, Jeev's presence gave us a new frontier to deal with, a 19 month old, and a newborn. New things learnt everyday, about baby, about the toddler, and about parenting in general. It really never gets tougher than that! Cheers to that and many more reminiscing to come for both the kids!

We parents and our family celebrated at hubby's old primary school with goodies for the school students. The birthday boy and his brother enjoyed themselves in their matching attires, as usual. I just realised this, hubby and I too have matching colours on!

One large (newborn size) Ironman 3 for the birthday boy.

And big brother shared the joy with Captain America. The Avengers' assemble is almost complete. At this rate I am soon gonna turn the house into a superhero figurine museum.

Happy Birthday Jeev!

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