Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Great Escape But We Got Caught

We were among the people who got wooed by Groupon's deal for the Grand Lexis villas in Port Dickson. Hubby had just completed a super duper hyper busy project schedule and so this deal was just the perfect timing for us to escape from it all, even if its just 1 hour 20 minutes away. The main attraction has got to be the private mini pool. When you have two active kids, anything within short reach is always more than welcome.

We wanted to get the kids excited for the coming holiday so we told them about the private swimming pool. Hell broke loose and exactly after I picked Sanju from kindy on Friday, he started demanding for swimming pool. As I turned the car into the street leading to the house, he screamed 'No go home! I want swimming pool!'.

It took me a while to explain to him that the trip is only on the next day, and we got to wait for Papa to bring us there. There was a point when he said 'no, Papa stay home' and then changed his mind as he knew we would not take a road trip without the Boss.

From then on we had Sanju asking, reminding and telling and yelling about SWIMMING POOL! countless times. Even as the five of us left the house in the morning, stopped by our favourite char siew shop, had a scrumptious lunch, he spoke about nothing but swimming pool. Oh yea it was the five of us, because Ironman came along, as always. But he is a cheap fella, does not eat or demand for toys/snacks, so its fine.

Finally as we got on the road, the excited boy got singing with Jeev, they were like this 'Non stop Nursery Rhymes' radio station. And fortunately, all the eating, singing and road trip made them sleepy and gave us some rest.

We had the Garden View Villa with mini pool. The room was rather big, and it came with two king sized beds. We even had a buggy service from lobby to our room as it was quite a distance. The kids enjoyed the initial ride, but later on we managed to get a parking right opposite our room.

This is our private mini pool.


The bathroom.

 The changing area.

The little living area.

The kitchenette.

And so once entering the room we had Sanju bugging us to dip into the pool. He has become such a chatterbox that he never stops. And Jeev only seems to follow suit. Whatever Sanju says now, is bound to be repeated by Jeev a few seconds later. We call him the repeat broadcast.

Sanju did all the pool dipping with Papa.

Jeev just watched from the side, playing with the water gun.

Right after that he took a rest with his milk bottle.

That night we had a very heavy, and for once, a dinner spread that was too much for us BIG eaters, at the Chardin Sea View Seafood restaurant. Food was nice though, just we did not have sufficient capacity inside us, thanks to the all day long eating. Missing from the photo are fish and tofu dishes.

After escaping a busy work and life schedule, we were still caught in between two chatterboxes. And when they are not nagging they are singing. A great escape, but yeah, we got caught! And something tells us we are gonna be caught for a while, but hey on the bright side, the kids are developing, growing up and learning together with us. Things like this reminds us how life's little ups and downs make a party!

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