Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lost In The Big City

We are not such KL city people and it is not our fault. When you live in a town like Klang. We have most amenities, entertainments and most importantly yummiest food all around us, or at least just a (KESAS) drive away. Driving all the way to KL means rather a roadtrip that happens occasionally when really needed.

As a result, taking a drive to the city becomes an unwelcome chore. But this time we had a good reason to take the trip. We were looking to celebrate a few little good news and naturally I found the perfect place to eat our perfect favourite food. Two words. Pork ribs. In plural form of many ways.

As always I did some research on the best ribs in KL and one name came up. Morganfield's in Pavillion KL. At the risk of sounding like such an oldie, we kinda had no idea where Pavillion was. And after getting stuck in traffic for an hour at just a small stretch into Jalan Imbi, it felt like forever, and we began asking 'why are we doing this again?' and we gave this trip the ultimatum, it better be worth it!

After driving with vague directions, we spotted the Pavillion Mall, and somehow managed to find the right carpark entrance (believe me, it is as hard as it sounds). We found the restaurant to be packed with patrons, not a surprise as it had good recommendations online.

There was a waiting list to be seated but seeing us with two adorable (and so excited they started playing with the props at the entrance) the waitress was so kind to offer us priority on the available table. And the best part about these diners is that they have free food for the little ones. And before that some papers and crayons for them to doodle away. The kids can never be happier. Happily occupied kids make happy parents. Or rather happily busy eating parents.

As we were there purely for ribs, we steered clear of other yummy distractions (keeping them for subsequent visits) and went ahead for the sampler platter with all three flavours of BBQ, garlic and black pepper.

Even Sanju could not help but advance himself to the gigantic platter.

Despite the busy day, we had satisfactory attention from the waiters and it is somewhat one of the most important factor of a good restaurant. Especially when the kids demanded different colors of crayons, more papers, etc, they were so kind to oblige.

The verdict, the ribs were oh-so juicy, gently falling off the bones. And something different from our previous rib experiences at Tony Roma and Chicago Rib House, this one came with some soft bones on one end of it. Ok pardon the lack of anatomy knowledge, but saying that it was amazing does suffice. Period.

We oldies had a hard time driving out of that city area towards our destination. We made three rounds at one large roundabout being lost big time. We are still not sure whether was it the intoxication or just lazy brain cells that caused it. Good news is we reached home safely with sleepy kids.

From our gastronomical and service experience, we are sure to dine in there again, even if it means taking a trip alllllllll the way into the city. Oh yes, it was well worth it.

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