Monday, May 19, 2014

Hokkaido Butterscotch Loaf Recipe

I am on butterscotch cloud nine after baking this little beauty!

During this craze of bread baking I had discovered that they actually sell butterscotch chips here, which meant we could just whip-up the Gardenia's famous butterscotch bread right in our home! Once seeing the recipe circulating around, it took me a while to spot the butterscotch chips available at the local baking supply store, approximately 1 month.

On the day of my casual visit to the store, there it was, shining with a silver lining. Without even glancing at the price tag, I just grabbed one. And then there was no turning back (drama yo!).

After being crazy about tangzhong recipes, I wanted to give a non tangzhong recipe a try. Partly also because I had no thanzhong standby and I wanted to bake like, now!

The original recipe called for bread and cake flour, but I just used bread and plain flour. Also the original recipe calls for whipped cream, but since I did not have it, I used homemade yogurt instead.

Following is the recipe I used:

Ingredients A
270g bread flour
30g all purpose flour
half a tsp salt
30g sugar
40g yogurt
125g milk
1 egg
15g milk powder
5g instant yeast

90g butterscotch chips

Ingredients A to be knead together. If the mixture it too soft, add 2 tbsp flour, and then apply butter to your finger to avoid the dough from sticking to your fingers. Once dough is incorporated, mix the butterscotch chips and knead some more. First proofing for 1 hour. Punch the dough down and place dough into the loaf tin. Proof for another 40 mins.

Bake it in a preheated oven at 180C for 15-20minutes.

Yes, you see it right, and it looks and tastes exactly like Gardenia's!

Like many, we too are the butterscotch fans because of its nice sweetness, its a delight to eat with just butter. I chose to bake it on a Sunday afternoon so the hubby could have plenty to bring to work the next day, but would you believe it, not much left, and he only managed to bring a small amount of souvenir for his breakfast the next day.

The 90g of butterscotch however turned out to be a tad overwhelming for our taste, so I will be reducing it to two thirds the next time I make this again. Which definitely will be happening like, soon!

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