Monday, May 19, 2014

Movie Review: Return To Zero

"It means returning to a place where you need to rediscover a new philosophy for life. When you lose a child in this way, in a way you never thought possible because no one ever talks about it, it makes you question your faith, how everything works. It takes you back to a zero point, where you have to start over. [It means] building an entire new life philosophy from scratch"
                                                                                                   Sean Hanish
                                                                                                   Director & Writer of Return To Zero

I have been invited by Lifetime (Ch 709 on Astro) for an exclusive blogger preview of the new Lifetime movie, Return To Zero, which will be premiering on 20th May 2014, at 8pm, only on  Lifetime.

Based on a true story, Return To Zero tells the story of a successful couple, Maggie and Aaron who are preparing to welcome the arrival of their first child. However just weeks before the due date the couple is devastated to discover that they have to prepare for a stillbirth.

The two attempt to go on with their lives and try to escape postpartum grief in their own ways. This affects them not being available to provide emotional support to each other, and brings their marriage apart.

Find out how the couple bring it together when hope strikes for the second time, when Maggie discovers she is pregnant again. With the help of an empathetic doctor, Maggie learns to cope with the grieve and the coming bundle of joy.

Being a mother of two myself, it was painful to imagine the pain and agony of a couple going through such situation of a stillborn. As how it was quoted at the memorial service for the baby, "This child never knew anything but LOVE.  He was never hungry, he was never cold…." nothing stands more true than this.

Director/Writer Sean Hanish has done an impressive job in capturing emotions at all different situations in the movie. Not just a parent, but everyone would be able to feel for the couple facing the loss of their baby. He and his wife lost their son Norbert in 2005, after 37 weeks.

Sean used the actual diagnosis of his baby in the film as well as the beautiful moments at the memorial service. It is really not common to have movies on this subject of stillbirth.

When life gets tough, we find our hope and move on with the positive side of life. Follow Maggie and Aaron as they find theirs.

Return to Zero will be premiering on May 20th on Lifetime Channel (Ch 709 on Astro) at 8pm.

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