Monday, February 2, 2015

Lost & Found

Last month my phone had temporarily shut down. After a few minutes of resuscitation, it finally turned back on. I was so relieved and eagerly wiped the sweat off my forehead. A few days later I realise that my ringtone had changed. At first I thought it could just be that restarting the phone had reset my ringtone, but later I found out that my SD card is no where to be seen (detected).
I tried and tried. SD card was non existent. I tried on another phone, I got the message that the SD card was corrupted. It took a while to kick in that 'gosh I had so many photos in that!'

After some research I got the glimmer of hope that the SD card can be reformatted and data salvaged. As I Google-ed I found EaseUS Free Data Recovery solution. After doing the scan I could see all the files being detected, got me so excited until I found out that the 'Free' part was only the scanning. To restore or recover, we needed to pay.

Just before I could swear out loud my colleague gave me the crack for the software. So much for swearing, these days almost everything (yes, almost, not all) has a crack that you swear less over the software issues, swear more over customer service woes.

So data was all recovered, SD card reformatted. The rest, I should say, is a happy ending. I would never wish anyone to suffer the same situation as me, but if you do, please find the software, and the crack. But oh, before that, perhaps you may want to consider doing regular backups. And me? Not yet, not really LOL!

While going through the gems I restored from my previously corrupt SD card, I found so many cutesy-shutesy  pictures of my previously toddlers, now pre-schoolers! 

One very very cute & funny is a picture my brother in law took during his Instagram rage days. It was taken when Jeev was barely 2yo and was still very very clingy with  me. A little disappearance of me to grab some food, and his face changes. This is captured with multi burst within milliseconds.

Errr.. my mommy?!

Yea yea my mommy, is moving away!

Come back, turn back mommy!

Someone, get my mommy to turn back! Come back!

Uwahhh!!!! My mommy!!!

When he is not crying, he is adorable like this.

And look... the boys on Diwali eve wearing their matching jammies @ 1.5 years old and almost 3 years old!

Pre-schoolers simply have different charm!

They are stylish, so what if it's just bedtime?

And very filmi, die-hard PK fans!

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