Tuesday, February 3, 2015

On A Baking Roll!

Oh yes, indeed I am. Getting the bread maker is one of the best things I have ever done since I stopped baking! Kneading the dough is a jiffy with the machine, no matter how tricky the dough is. I keep checking and checking but gosh, it is indeed perfect!

Yesterday I made Turkish Minced Meat Pita, and how! I am always into time-efficent meal planning. Apart from my one-pot dishes I have come to discover the 8th wonder of the world, one-tray meal! 

I have got the recipe from one of my favourite baking blogs Table for Two, get the Turkish Minced Meat Pita recipe at the link. It is really simple once you have the machine working the dough for you.

Just look at the dough, despite my shoddy separating job, the dough has good consistency!

Assemble the minced meat with the ingredients. I did not have parsley so I went with fusion version with leeks, cumin & coriander powder, apart from onion & garlic and salt/pepper, of course. Also I did not want to infuse too much liquid into it so I skipped the tomatoes and put in some tomato sauce instead.

And for a balance, for the next pita I used some leftover spinach & panner, and beancurd sambal, mixed with chopped garlic and onion.

And then just shape the pita accordingly, put in your filling, and you are pretty much done. Drop the egg on the minced meat, and some mozzarella cheese on the spinach mix. And let the oven work for you!

And here is our dinner!

Next stop - comfort food -- Aloo Parathas!! Without the kneading mess!

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