Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Pick Only Two

I saw this on a fellow blogger's post I'm a full-time mummy, and I was wondering, which two would I choose? My sanity? Happy kids? Or a clean house?

A clean house is very important given the fact that we spend the most of part of our days at home. Also with active and playful kids, I have to ensure they have a clean play area (which means the whole house). Plus I am kinda OCD that I can't stand walking and working around dirty floors and table tops.

Happy kids are essential to ensure minimal fussing, condusive play times & learning sessions and in fact happy kids make mummy happy and eventually you feel you are meeting your daily goals and KPIs.

And then, how about my sanity? I can turn into quite a momzilla, momster, mogambo (whatever you may want to call it) under stress and noise. Maintaining my sanity gives me more energy and drive do go about my daily chores and cooking/baking experiments.

My two choices are my sanity and happy kids. Sure a clean house is important, but if I have my sanity, I will have the state of mind of working around it and surely a solution for a clean home can be managed.

Being a full time working mom I have my practices and routines that help me plan for weekly meals. I cook a lot on Sundays so that we can eat the leftovers on weekdays. I also prep vegetables and marinate meat for impromptu pasta or grilled meat dishes. I always have grated vegetables ready for immediate salads. I always keep pizza base and cheese in handy to make pizza for dinner. I do bend the rule 2 or 3 times a week that I allow the kids to eat out at their favourite spot. This also allows us some bonding time together as I get to sit and chat with them about their day and school without worrying about cleaning up.

With kids happily playing together, I get some 'me' time that I use for baking that keeps the whole family happy with different surprises each time. Hubby gets his breakfast on the go almost on daily basis. I also get some sanity, minus the cleaning up that comes with it, it is very enjoyable for me.

Since I have my sanity (well, most of the times) I keep the house clean with floor wipes. Using the Daiso wet wipes I get almost mopped feel on the floors. I also maintain the toilets by washing it weekly, but I leave the heavy-duty cleaning for the part time cleaner who comes in every 2 weeks. I usually plan her work such that she also helps me with ironing. 

When I embarked on being a full time working mother, I was initially skeptical and worried on how will I balance routine with the new schedule, but I guess it all just fell in place together. Persistence is the key, and lots and lots of SANITY!

Which two would you choose?

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