Thursday, May 28, 2015

Living BIG

Remember our field trip to Morganfield's in KL, and eventually losing our way back, we were these country mice trying to find food in the city. Fast forward 2 years later, and there is a Morganfield's outlet closer to us, well ok not THAT close but relatively closer, at Empire Subang. So what? We HAD to go there and eat BIG!

We experienced something new this time, bibs for all, and love the caption! The kids put in on for a few minutes, and then it was all gone!

The genius in ourselves had us purchasing sweet nothings (read imitation Lego men) for the kids to stay entertained while Mummy and Daddy (and the kids, of course) binge, I mean, eat.

Can you feel the serenity? We did too! Until the food arrived! Then the Daddy got the kids to dig in, only Sanju obliged though, while Jeev pretended to sleep. Told you, Jeev can do anything to escape from food!

To cut the long story short, Sanju tried to wrestle with it for a while and later settled for the corn muffins and sausages. Well, no one complained!

This is the full view of the set. And please do not judge, we order big because we know if we can't finish it we will bring it back and have it for breakfast the next day. We love our ribs that much. 

By the way, don't you just love the piggy nose mugs?

We also had some refreshing apple mo-ji-to. True story.

And before I forget, Morganfield's ribs are still the best ever in Asia (Malaysia and Singapore at least), this time we had so much of it we got temporarily sick but hey we can still have more next time!

And on another occasion I was feeling like some tomyam at Khunthai, and someone wanted to have it BIG. So we got this:

Kick@$$ lobster Thai style! Needless to say there was more shell than meat. However I am still at awe at the size of it! The good thing about Khuntai is they also have a simple play area and a large pond with fishes and tortoise, so the kids are occupied till the food comes.

And when the kids are not juggling and tackling their foodie parents, they moonlight as Hulk & Ironman. Don't take my word for it, the pic here says it all.

Till the next time.. eat and live BIG!

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