Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Cauliflower Quiche Recipe

Lately I have been into this pleasant new routine of making breakfast on Saturdays. Usually I am not such a breakfast person, believe me. My favourite ginger tea and a piece of bread is sufficient for me on most days. 

My hubby is the type of person who wakes up on a non-working day and the first thing he asks 'What's for breakfast?'. And frankly, I have kind of got tired of answering 'bread and chai' because I always see this disppointed child-like reply 'oh ok'. 

I find Saturdays a nice chance to make something at home as hubby is recovering from a busy week, and kids are relaxing with morning TV, and we usually eat out for lunch anyway. It also saves me from answering my hubby's inevitable question, before he says anything I go 'breakfast is ready!'

I don't go all fancy-schmancy for breakfast, but I work around the key ingredients such as bread, eggs and bacon. And throw in some vegetables to trick the kids (and hubby). 

Last weekend it was bacon quiche that he woke up to. And some baked meatballs. Although he was somehow trying to answer his calls, he did enjoy the mini-spread. And thats how we come to the recipe in this post - Cauliflower quiche!

Surely you did not think I made cauliflower quiche for him, he would probably pick the veggies out, and eat the egg, if you know what I mean. For him bacon is the only way. However, I had some leftover custard from the weekend, and hence I decided to make some cauliflower quiche for myself!

For the custard, I mixed 1 cup milk with 2 eggs. Season with salt and pepper. 

Next I spread florets of cauliflower in the baking dish. Put in some chopped red pepper, garlic and onion. And sprinkle some spring onion. 

Pour in the custard mix. Top it up with cheese.

And bake at 180 for 30-40mins.

Easy peasy one dish healthy meal for you!

And if you are not inspired yet, let me tell you can totally do fried bacon, other veggies or even salmon/chicken into this quiche. Bon apetit!

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