Thursday, June 25, 2015

Boys boys boys!

Recently I came across this article on Facebook Boys will be boys. Reading it was almost an out of body experience, such a deja-vu feeling like I have been there, seen that and done that. And you know I am not dramatizing is. It is so real! It is almost like the writer was writing the story of our lives, the parents of Sanju and Jeev.

Feels like just yesterday I posted my Bringing Up Boys experience. And some time back, I had even shared some experiences in my own Boys Will Be Boys back in 2013. How creepy is that?!

And now seeing the article recently, I am compelled to do it again...!

You are never too old or too big to sit or ride on anything

Chocolate mess is cute mess until mommy sees it and gets all momzilla

Two brothers, one attire

A boy can never have enough stickers or enough space to stick 'em 

Superheroes need an off day too, 'roti canai satu!'

Optimal bliss is making you little brother scream

Post bake clean-up

While the other hangs the laundry

Just a tricycle? It's a multi carrier

Never ever let go of your helium balloons, poor BoBoiboy

We've messed the house, and turned side table over to ride around *high 5*

Whoa mommy got us a playmat... let's play with it

Toy Story: You can never have enough

Fun activity painting the town red

Double trouble - 'nuff said

All geared-up to save the world

A thumbs-up is the best recognition for a home-chef

Ever had those days they refuse to eat? I hand them a ladle each to make each other finish their food. And it works!

The return of Sanju-on. I posted this before, but I had to just do it AGAIN.

Yea yeah, so Bollywood right, you ain't seen anything yet!

Happy kids!

Fries vampire, don't you dare!

'National emergency? Incredi-boy to the rescue!'

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