Monday, December 20, 2010

Bananas Galore!

There is a large amount of bananas my in-laws gave to us once they got to know Sanju loves bananas. However, bananas ripe and start to spoil very fast and I hate throwing any food items away. Thus, I decided, there has to be something that I can make and freeze, for Sanju's breakfast or meals.

Found some banana ideas from my baby food bible, wholesomebabyfood, and I was like, why didn't I think of that earlier?

Never too late to start, I got on working (once the ball of energy is put to sleep) and I hope Sanju enjoys eating it as much as I enjoyed making it! Here's the banana menu for freeze stock:

1) Mashed Bananas:

This is pretty simple, just mashed them in a clean bowl (leave it slightly chunky if you want your baby to chew on it). Put them in small containers and freeze. Can serve it on its own, or with cereal or breakfast.
Total cooking/preparing time: 3 mins

2) Banana Pudding:

You need: 1/4 cup of rice, 1/2 milk, 4-5 small bananas (mashed), some cinnamon powder
Cook milk and rice together. Once rice starts cooking (like the porridge), put in the mashed bananas, and some cinnamon powder. Serve it for breakfast or meals.
Total cooking/preparing time: 15-20 mins

3) Banana Custard:

You need: 2-3 egg yolks, 2-3 small bananas (mashed), some cinnamon powder
Mix all the ingredients together and steam or bake it. You can also pan fry it. Serve it for breakfast or meals.
Total cooking/preparing time: 10-15 mins

Easy breezy cover girl, err... I mean baby food!


Darren said...

u use cinnamon powder a lot meh... hw does it make the difference frm the foods without it?? x rasa kelat ke??

QarezmaV said...

what is kelat? cinnamon gives a nice aroma and sweet taste.. i use it for Sanju's food as substitute for sugar.. i am not giving him any salt or sugar yet :)

Darren said...

oooh...hmm..'kelat' is the taste of unripe banana(green one)..the taste wic makes ur tongue dry..
nt yet gve sugar meh...
then he'll so excited when he taste his 1st birthday cake..

QarezmaV said...

the bananas are ripe and sweet la... not kelat at all :P

Darren said... ka..atcually i didnt meant tat the banana is 'kelat' bt i thought cinnamon powder will be 'kelat'.. :)
oh the way the recepies above look nice..i prefer doing 'cekodok' with extra bananas :P.. now can try someting else...banana galore...:D

QarezmaV said...

itula, u nvr try using cinnamon to cook anything other than curry... cinnamon powder actually has very sweet smell and taste to it

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