Sunday, December 26, 2010

Manmadhan Ambu Movie Review

Manmadhan Ambu is a classic example of half-baked story with an over-hyped starcast. The movie starts by showing arrival of movie star Nisha at the airport, later some details are thrown in as to how she is escaping from her personal life issues with her fiance back in India. The first half was so bland, with some hospital scenes of a cancer patient of some emotional factor. Nothing funny, interesting or engaging that happened at all. Yet, I continued watching, keeping some faith in the movie and Kamal Hassan's story.

It got interesting when some revelations came up in the second half, but only to be put down again with bad screenplay. The flashback song in the second half is the only engaging 5 minutes of the movie. I must say I was amazed at the whole song that was shot in a reverse order, at the same time, the actor was miming in a forward order, totally amazing. It feels as if 100% of the efforts in conceptualising & execution went into the song only.

Only at the last 1 hour that they decided to put in some comedy or errors, lies and cover-ups, which is nothing new, probably you would have seen this in 101 other films. The dialogue depends heavily on dirty and double meaning jokes to bring in the laughs.

So many things of important events were not explained or given proper justification.

1) What took Trisha 3 years to escape to a holiday away from Madhavan?
2) With such a bad accident happening just a distance away, how come none of the crowd of people heard it?
3) What triggers the romance between Trisha and Kamal? All of a sudden they announce that they are lovers?
4) The scene where Trisha was to confess about the 'accident', why does she suddenly turn all so romantic, citing her poem, and what not?
5) Why did Madhavan (the rich guy) refuse to pay Kamal?
6) Deepa promised to get Nisha to read Kurup's script, why does Kamal in the end walk around with it, saying he promised Kurup instead?
7) Deepa and Madhavan get together in the end, WTF for?

Instead of the comedy of errors and dirty jokes, they could have given more attention to Madhavan-Trisha-Kamal's relationships and development in a rom-com style. Badly disappointing. Kamal's 2010 offering is nowhere near Rajni's Endhiran. Better luck next time.


Darren said...

i must say i was waiting 4 ur review about this movie....
there's something in my point of view too.. i post it on my wall in FB...
let me copy past here...:D
if u are a person who can understand kamalhasan's joke and his messages then u can watch it...if u really understand what they saying in the movie..then u'll be laughing n not even have a second to take ur breath(like u said..MOSTLY in the 2nd half)...lots of english n pure tamil terms not expect any typical indian cultures or moral in the movie..its all western in it...something tat hapens in todays modern life...boyfriend took by bestfriend...a messenger becomes the lover instead...a love story of course...maybe a nasty one though...but its a 100% commercial movie tat can be watch to release tension...

in my oppinion it was NICE(i wrote Awesome in FB bt have to change here according to ur review :) ]

*mum don't like it at all.

QarezmaV said...

thats interesting, i relied on subtitles only...

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