Monday, December 27, 2010

How To Lose Weight - The Baby Workout/Diet

During my pregnancy, I put on close to 20kgs. Can you imagine, it is like more than 2kgs per month! I can still recall the merry eating sessions I used to have when eating out, at my parents or my in laws place. Truly miss those preggy (and legally bloated) days. I truly did put myself up to my best food cravings and one after another, dessert became mandatory on even weeknights. During preggers I didn't have to worry about not fitting my jeans, at least, at that time. But yeah, on some odd ocassions I used to wonder, WILL I ever be able to shed all these 'food' off? If yes, how would I do it?

I really did not plan anything (other than sensible diet) like exercise or yoga, because I knew, with a baby and a day job, it is going to be a challenge doing that. Here's something I want to share, how I finally managed to lose abt 18kgs post-baby. I call it the Baby workout and diet. Below listed is the aspects of baby workout and diet that helped me shedding my glorious weight away:

  1. Fussy Baby - Gives you power walks and arm muscle toning (hehe.. kidding here) while trying to soothe a fussy baby that wants to be carried and only carried the whole day. Constant sitting down and getting up also helps the whole body, as some babies, like Sanju, start crying the moment he realises I am sitting down
  2. Flash eating - I think I should rephrase 'eating' to 'shoving food into the mouth' to get over with the meal as soon as possible and go back to attending the wailing baby that needs attention, refer to (1)
  3. Baby wearing - When shopping or doing house work, the extra weight you are 'working' on is good for you
  4. Lack of interest in food - It is not the appetite, but the lack of time you get to even sit and think, hey, I want to eat ABC, or BKT or CKT
  5. Multitasking - Baby tending, house chores, (pampered) hubby tending... you get the idea?
  6. Baby eating = burning calories - When your baby likes explore the whole house during his meal times, and if he takes long to finish his meals, you have longer workout
Disclaimer - This diet only works if you have recently given birth and have a baby tending to do. Baby Alive dolls do not count.


Darren said...

haha..tats a funny work out...

QarezmaV said...

LOL yeah.. made u read in excitement.. no?

Darren said...

ABSOLUTELY YES.. i am imagining how you doing it..except 4 some part in no 5...:P

QarezmaV said...

Haha no need to imagine... just see me doing it ;)

Cas said...

Hey I didnt know you put on about 20kgs too, I put on about there too and the gynea used to tell me off quite a bit. anyway I have about 5 kgs to go but ideally would love to lose 10kgs altogether. Will try out your tips :)

QarezmaV said...

Well i used to get it from the nurse too... but i think it was the low BMI that caused the rapid weight gain. I am sure u will be able to lose it, it took me more than 9 months to lose mine

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