Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Addition to the Cloth Diaper Stash

Working from home for the past 3 weeks has been pretty fun as far as online shopping is concerned. When I am not occupied with work or Sanju, I managed to click 'Buy' at a few hazardous (to the wallet) and pleasure giving (to the CD-loving soul) online stores.

My latest CD arrivals are Bumgenius Artist Series, Joli printed PUL and Bamboolite Fleece cover. The main aim for these purchases are to sustain my little boy's pee needs, and yeah, for some retail therapy!

Here's a quick review on the dipes after one week's use:

1) Bumgenius Artist Series:
  • The diaper cover is so quick drying, it almost beats my coolababy dipes!
  • It fits the foldover inserts to the tee, perfect for outings (for the lovely print)
  • The inner fleece is the most stay-dry feel ever
  • The cutting suits my chunky little fella
  • This is my first ever BG dipe, and I am loving it!

2) Joli Printed PUL (below pic - left):
  • I love this one second to my bamboolites, so no explaination needed here
  • This is OS with a large cutting, definitely a good investment in the long term
  • A special thanks to Hannah from LovelyGoody!

3) Bamboolite Fleece Cover (below pic - right):
  • I got this cover to use with the foldover inserts, as an AI2 system
  • It is in size 2, so it appears rather bulky, only suitable for night use
  • Hoping to get some fitteds in future to be able to use this as a cover (oh my, more shopping!)
I have got a couple more coming in soon... So to keep the thrill going, stay tuned!


Mariana said...

nice review bout cd
already follow u
follow me back ya

Cas said...

I really dig the blue one, so cute!

QarezmaV said...

mariana, just did :) nice blog there

Cas, there is the red variety too

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