Friday, December 9, 2011

Another AIO Love: Grovia AIO

I stumbled across the new Grovia AIO diapers for sale on the FSOT by chance. Still in confinement then, I was itching to click 'Buy', and getting new diapers for my then newborn was just the right thing to do, as he was outgrowing the petite and cute newborn dipes. Whats more, the AIO diapers are in cute pretty prints!

Previously I had tried the Grobaby (older version) AI2 for Sanju but I did not find love in it because the soakers would scrunch up once soaked. It did not look right, and would also leak due to that. But still I wanted to give Grovia AIO a try because I wanted to get something different from the current stash of pocket diapers, hoping for something more convenient.

The cutting of Grovia AIO is on the smaller side, hence it fit my baby well from early stages. The trim and snugg cutting looks very nice on baby. It comes with a snap on booster, which I only started using recently to reduce the bulk. Another feature that I like is the fact that its a side snapping diaper.

The inner body and soakers are organic cotton and very soft to the touch. I can only imagine how gentle it would feel to the precious bums. And most importantly it does not scrunch up. Washing and drying the AIO is a tad faster than bottombumpers, maybe it is due to the organic cotton soakers.

For AIO lovers, or if you wish to try an AIO diaper, Grovia is definitely a great choice, apart from Bottombumpers. Now I am itching to stock up on these diapers, if you know of a good deal in town, do let me know!


Cas said...

Oh gosh the owl CD, can you say super cute?! Question, do the kids wear this even when they are out or diaper? Hope all is going good with you.

QarezmaV said...

i used to CD Sanju even during outings, but now with 2 kids, i just let them go out in disposables

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