Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Many Faces of Sanju Part 2

Here's the second part of the Sanju series. Disclaimer: Pictures are in no particular order of event or preference, and captions are my wittiest best, not necessarily relevant.

Do not adjust your computer screen, the boy does circus acts

This side table of 25 years is now turned upside down to serve as a push car

Chocolate monster

I support ahimsa - Mahatma Kanth-i

I'm tribal boy, in a tribal world

This is my seductive pout to get the models

Enough of the camera flash already!

Getting bald rocks with so much of green notes!

Baby Jeev stole is exact same look/face of mine

Can we get a dress for me, pretty please!


Darren said... all over my face..but 2 be fair and square, equal number of Shanjeev's photos please...eager to know how little brother gives poses...

QarezmaV said...

you are back! hope the exams were good... yes let Jeev grow up first with lotsa pics in his album

Cas said...

Aww he's sooo adorable!! So grown up now. Would like to see some photos of Shanjeev too :)

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