Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sanju Revisits Babyhood

With the presence of Baby Jeev, it is a revisit to babyhood for Sanju as he tries to replicate, copy or even demand similar attention as his baby brother. Here's listing a few:
  • Whenever I rub yu yee oil for Jeev, Sanju comes over and lifts his tshirt, to get some yu yee in his own tummy. I don't blame him, it smells refreshing
  • Sanju asks to be put into (his former) Baby Jeev's cot, and lies down for pretend sleep. After a few minutes he will start moving (and destroying) every single thing inside. The highlight of this whole experience is when we put the mosquito net around the cot
  • After his shower, Sanju likes to be swaddled with his towel, and then wiped dry. He sometimes also cries out like a newborn. I had actually started practicing swaddling him after bath when I got to know I was expecting another baby, just a small step to prepare and hopefully familiarise him with the coming events
  • Occasionally Sanju would take over the bouncer, and watch tv or drinking whilst rocking away
  • When I took Sanju's old play gym out, he did not give any chance for the baby in it, because he hogged all the space in it before lifting it away to another play corner
  • Sanju has observed Baby Jeev wailing and crying his lungs out, hence whenever he wants to throw a tantrum, he uses the same style of wailing to get his way
  • Sanju tries to 'use' Baby Jeev's bottle and pacifier if he spots them in the drawer
  • When we bring the stroller out, Sanju ends up playing in it, instead of Baby Jeev
  • Baby Jeev inherited Sanju's bangles, but each time Sanju sees them on baby, he will try to take it out and wear on his own hands. Too bad they don't fit anymore
Other than that, Sanju behaves like a responsible elder brother at all times, taking care of Baby Jeev very well. He also is a good listener (like his dad) whenever I have anything to complain abt the fussy little baby. He likes to kiss baby, and loves lying down beside him any chance he gets. And at other times he is responsibly naughty and is capable of making me insane. That is part and parcel of being a parent, so I suppose Sanju is doing a great job at it.

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