Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Of iPhone, iPad and The Euro Cup

The soccer fever is on, yet again, with Euro Cup being in progress for the past 2 weeks plus. Hubby is full involved in the game and his schedules revolves around it. I still can't imagine how important can this once in 4 years event be. Late nights, erratic sleeping hours, missed alarm and countless snoozes is the side effects of this event. Conversations are now about the matches, the goals, and the anticipation of the coming final match.

This is also the time of the year that I get to brush up my soccer knowledge, not that I am interested, but he makes sure I fully support his favorite team, the Germans, and makes sure I understand why they deserve to be the winners. I do not dispute, support them with open arms, and just hope we get over the soccer fever real soon, because I am getting tired of watching the reruns of the best goals on sports channel.

With all this craze, Hubby upgraded himself to the device in craze, the iPhone, to replace his Nokia that served him for slightly more than a year. My android talks on him did not work at all. I have always maintained to be an android supporter due to the open source nature, but with a thick face I have to admit that I too gave in to the pressure of the i-device and got the iPad to replace my ailing laptop.

What is so great about the iPhone and the iPad compared to their competitive contemporaries anyway? Now that I have tried both, I must say, a great deal! The I-devices are all about speed, convenience and technology with grace. And at this moment it feels great to have apple products on my finger tips, literally!

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