Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Afternoon Breakfast At Antipodeon Cafe

It was one of those rare days that we get to make a spontaneous plan of going out. We headed to Bangsar to eat something that we have been meaning to try for a long time now. I have been telling hubby so much about this big breakfast at Antipodeon Cafe that it is unfair to not try it.

At first I joked that for us to make it for breakfast at 8am in Bangsar we would have to leave the house like 7am. And to make it for that timing we would have to get up possibly 5am or so, you know to bath, feed and get the kids dressed up. It sounds tiring already! Thank God it was possible to leave the house at leisure, the kids showered, fed and dressed up all nice and handsome, and we would not miss the breakfast. All this is possible because at Antipodeon Cafe, breakfast is served all day long. Yes, you heard it right!

There was nothing much to decide on what to eat. Given their reputation on big breakfast, big breakfast it was. And all day breakfast. Not much difference there except for the mushrooms and baked beans. The scrambled egg portion is so huge that mine felt like a never-ending serving.The highlight of the meals is the sausage and hearty bacon, either beef or pork. No prizes for guessing which one we 'pigged on'.

The sausage was so soft and fresh, we are guessing it was made by the cafe itself. And the bacon was something like we never had before. Much more meaty than the ones we buy at the supermarkets locally. It was totally wrong to eat so little of such good stuff, so we ordered extra servings of both.

Antipodeon is very famous for their coffee, so we also gave a try at their latte. I am no coffee drinker, neither expert, but it was very very pleasant to drink. And yeah, since we were pigging out anyway, we tried this butter free chocolate cake, to cover for the calories consumed earlier. Pure yummylicious! 

There is this simplicity in their food that makes it taste almost home-made. Salt is at its minimal best, and no artificial or empowering flavouring of any sort. This is something that we really appreciated being able to taste the pure flavours of the food.

Enough about the food. Another major highlight of this cafe is the fact that they have a little playroom with cool toys to entertain the kids. A couple of the waitresses were so good with Sanju that he kept on calling out to them to play with him. Surely kept the kids occupied while we enjoyed our breakfast that afternoon.

Big Breakfast Meal -  RM19
Butter free chocolate cake - RM8
Latte - RM9
Enjoying the meal with the kids playing away peacefully - PRICELESS


Cas said...

Hey I hear ya about getting the kids ready! I've been here before but for dinner, dinner was so so. I think their specialty is their b'fast so will be back to check it out. Gotta love their lil play area right?

QarezmaV said...

yea loved seeing them play without any fuss, even Jeev did not try to crawl out!

We went purely for the bfast...

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