Friday, June 29, 2012

The Toy Stories

Every toy has a story to tell. The condition of the toy tells how well it is taken care by the owner. The quality of the toy tells the value of the toy. And the quantity of the toy tells the amount of times parents had to give in to the power of persuasion.

With two kids and plenty of uncles, aunties and grandparents doting over them, we have a good amount of toys that the kids received as gifts. However, the kids are never satisfied, especially Sanju, always makes us buy small toys that he sees here and there at petrol station or the supermarket.

The good thing is at these places they have a good variety of toys that come with some candies. We usually throw the candies away immediately, neither is Sanju interested himself. The toys however turn out amazingly good in quality and entertaining for the kid, for less than RM5.

This line up of toys are from the above mentioned places and strategies. There is the police 4WD, commando pickup, some Figurine, drummer Mickey and aeroplane. The Mickey has lost his leg,and the drum is detachable, but plays fine once we turn the key. The figurine has arms that has come off a number of times, but always goes back in place with no trouble. The 2 cars make up the variety for Sanju's car collection, and the aeroplane is so cool that it has a chain, pulling which its wheels start moving and the dynamo action emits light on the disc above it.

The line of balloons above is what we (are forced to) get for Sanju from Petronas stations, during every visit there he knows which exact corner displays his goodies.

Those are our cheapo buys over the months, and the collection is only growing by the day. Among the other toys, the one with most history has got to be the robot below. It was gifted to Sanju by a very dear family friend who is no longer among us. Originally the robot can walk, swing it's hand and shoot after giving some warnings. Now, with it's head and hands amputated, Sanju plays gun with the hands.

The most pricey toy at the moment has got to be the Ironman figurine, thanks to his obsession on the superhero after watching the movie. I've been teaching Sanju to take care of him like a baby because God forbid if any of the parts break, even Tony Stark can't help fix it back.

The most engaging toy has got to be the blocks. He can play whole day long, building robots, train and colliding them into pieces, and then start building again. Mechanical engineer potential there, the father always says. I say he just likes to mess up the living room. We have now setup a play area for them beside the living room, still hoping that they learn to Play within the play mat.

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