Friday, August 10, 2012

Chocolate Overdose

Life was a party for the last one week with Jeev's birthday celebration on his real birthday and on the weekend with a larger team. As the tradition goes, every celebration was accompanied with cake, and in this case, chocolate cakes.

On the real birthday we had chocolate indulgence from Secret Recipe, which was initially planned to be a homemade butter cake. My sister was ever so willing buy a cake instead and so I decided to see the short cut, because any way I had a large feast to cook with my mom. Of course we all know we can never get wrong with Secret Recipe cakes.

On the weekend birthday event we had American chocolate cake with fondant icing made my by lovely neighbour. To stay it was deliciously super yummy is an understatement. It is beyond description. Everyone loved it so much that it was gone on that day itself.

After the gastronomical exhaustion I decided that it was time to detox and eat simple for this week. But fate had other plans. There were three combs of homegrown bananas that my dad brought from JB riping away for which the kids and I were not fast enough in eating them. My idle fingers did a google and found an excellent recipe at this blog for the best combination ever, chocolate and banana!

The chocolate cream cheese frosting dripping away somewhat depicts onlookers salivating on the mere view of the yummy-ness! To compensate for breaking the healthy diet week, we ate the cake with lots of fruits. Its not daily that I have strawberries and kiwis in the fridge. I am an ardent supporter of local fruits (read cheapo) and do not buy imported fruits unless they are a good deal at the hypermart. I guess it was just fated.


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