Friday, August 10, 2012

The Birthday

Yes baby Jeev turned ONE last week! It's like OMG I can't believe we are finally here at this milestone. Can't believe we completed one year being parents for 2 active boys. I have been eagerly waiting for Jeev to turn one so that he and Sanju can share the same milk and food, I won't have to cook 2 different places for both of them. Best of all, I can even feed them the same time. When you are a SAHM, shortcuts are a lifesaver!

Hubby and I stayed up painting this little masterpiece

Birthday cake and cupcakes

I can't believe what changes we have brought to our lives after the arrival of Jeev. Being the parents to Sanju alone was a big achievement, and Jeev's addition to our family portrait was really beyond our thinkable ability.

It is a universal practice to celebrate birthdays with cake and a number of candles for the age celebrated. Past week I have been so philosophical and emotional over this birthday concept that I can't help wondering there are so many significances of a birthday that often goes ignored.

This birthday marks the completion of a year for us as second time parents, nurturing and loving our baby to the present day, and continue for many more days to come. This birthday is the memory of the day I had the labour signs, called hubby down almost 400km down south. This birthday is the exact day the baby was brought into this world, greeted by the hubby and then me, and not to mention our doctor and midwife. This birthday is the exact day when hubby distributed chocolates to the whole maternity center who already remember him as the guy who gave lots of goodies during Sanju's birth. I must admit we gave them good business 2 years in a row. Serious time to stop our contribution to the maternity center there.

The completion of one year tenure as parents is the most satisfying because Jeev has been a very demanding baby and with Sanju in tow, there were so many adjustments to be made. It took a great deal of cooperation and understanding from Sanju to be able to pull through without getting crazy, although there were (a large number of) days that I want to pull my already dropping hair out.

Birthdays are more than just the anniversary of the person's existence in the world. Birthdays mark the accomplishments of the parents of reaching the annual milestone for the kids. There is nothing more worthwhile than witnessing the fruit of our hardwork getting busy over the birthday cake while the song is sang for them. Happy Birthday Jeev! Mummy let you have some of the chocolate cake this time round, but don't make it a habit.

Here is Jeev riding backwards on his new bike. The bike is currently on lease to big brother Sanju till Jeev is big enough to ride it on his own.

In return, Sanju will be Jeev's bodyguard and save him from the tiger. Inspired from Shah Rukh Khan's Mind It!

We always say that a kid's first birthday leaves no memory or enjoyment on the kid himself. But I realise why many parents like us still insist on having a cute celebration with loved ones, it is to tell the world, 'Hey, we survived one year and we are celebrating it!'.  


Darren said...

wow..mama did tat... chocolates to whole ward... waaahh... proud of him... u guys are really really very good parents..awesome parents.. always wanted to tell u tat.. keep going... my very best wishes to u both.. <3 VishMa alwiz!!!

QarezmaV said...

He went crazy when buying, u know him and chocolates! Thx dear, always available to tutor u on parenthood later

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