Sunday, August 26, 2012

The House Elves

This is a story about two house elves, Sanju and Jeev. Although 1.5 years apart, they always get mistaken for twins. Probably in a year or two, they would look like absolute twins. The two house elves are very helpful in fixing and attending to chores around the house. Although there are times when they like to fix things that are not broken, clean things that are not dirty, and arrange things that are not messed. You get the idea.

They are very aggressive when it comes to installation works and very meticulous and precise with measurements.

One such major project accomplished by these house elves is setting up the Buddha wood work from Bangkok. While the Sanju got working with the tools, Jeev was busy solving the mysterious jigsaw puzzle. Notice how carefully Jeev puts the pieces together, while Sanju handles the tools like a pro, all under close supervision.

Other than installation works, the house elf Sanju also specialises in doing load test for the vacuum system for domestic usage. This might look like the cycle thingy from MIB:3, but believe me, this is way more complicated than that and undecipherable to us average people.

Jeev prides himself with his rechargable motorbike that he got on his first birthday. However, so far his usage on it is limited to posing for photographs for numerous paparazzis (read grandparents, uncles, aunties, etc).

Sanju does not mind getting down and dirty with his house elf duty, climbing up any parts of the house, for many tasks, is no big deal for him. However we wish he would wear more clothes doing these unimaginable tasks, as per the Working At Height procedures.

And when anything gets broken, instead of fixed, he flees away with Jeev's motorbike, cos he knows where the accelerator is.

These house elves are not working for cash but purely on credit cards. They are not getting paid right away, but they will demand their share of buying their worldly goodies and tools, mostly toys from their house owners, aka father and mother. Credit card information is purely confidential.

In a parenting world where us parents are eternal employees (slaves) to our kids who are our employers and absolute BOSS of the highest ranking, this little concept is a nice escape for a short laugh. Now, let me get back attending to the fussy, crying and hungry bosses.

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