Friday, June 21, 2013


Now that he is a preschool-going boy, Sanju has now officially joined the TGIF group. He started his preschool two weeks ago, and he is still going through a love-hate phase as far as school is concerned. And the by the time he is getting into the routine, Friday comes!

One thing we did to make him accept the idea of going to school is bringing him for a couple of visits to the school that we chose. He met the teacher and had already spotted the nice playground that he can play. Even during the short visits he took a slide or two at the playground.

One the night before first school day, we had Sanju doing his dress rehearsal, because there was a chance that he might not wear it on the actual day. To make things more real, he even put on his tiny backpack, and pretended to ride his bike off to school.

School's first day was pretty good. He was excited with the sudden prep and the short walk to school. But I must say all my paparazzi-ing got him grumpy. That is why I only did it on the first day, none after. Upon reaching the gate, teacher brought him in and he let out a short cry when teacher distracted him. And I thought to myself 'phew, that was easy'! After school Sanju looked happy and was talking about school.

Jeev too got his shoes on, wearing his pajamas, to send big brother off to school.

Come second day, hubby was around and we all drove to drop him. This time, Sanju did not expect to go to school yet again. He must have been like 'we just came here yesterday, you can't be serious?!' And needless to say, there was some crying and running around. We brought him back. Hubby left to work, and Sanju took off every single piece of his uniform. After a short while of being himself (read throwing the toys around), I talked him into wearing the uniform, and told him we are going for a walk. Once at the school gate, he insisted Jeev and I come in, which we did. But once he got busy with the reading, we made a clean escape! Later when we picked him at noon, he started crying seeing me, and I told him 'please show ma happy face', and he stopped. That drama-boy!

Third day was almost the same, but he was hesistant in entering the school. Even cried a bit as I walked off, heavy-heartedly. Thanks for the teacher, she manages to handle him well during this time, and always assures me he is fine later on. Sanju's reactions and stories after school always gives me double assurance that he is doing fine there.

The next two days he would fake cry all the way to school, saying 'no school, I want ma, I want mummy (he learnt saying mummy from the teacher'. Once reaching the school he would follow the teacher in. 

Through these times, every night before bed he tells me 'no school, no school' and I have to agree. Yet he tells me 'school nice' and sings me the songs that he learnt. Next morning as I get him ready for 'no school' I have to talk to him and assure him that he is a smart, handsome, and good boy, who will go to school, play with friends and teacher and come home with ma later on.

Now into the second week, morning prep rituals still include some forced cries, and no school chanting, and then me coaxing him. As this week is over, I must say he has improved tremendously. We talk about fun things as we walk to school and I promise him to make his favourite food. And he does not cry once at the school gate, instead waves out to his friends and teacher. Instead, another drama-boy showed some reactions. After the first week of entering the class, Jeev gets upset in this second week when we turn back at the gate itself. He cried and refuses to move, followed by more talking and coaxing from me. I am amazed at the amount of patience I seem to suddenly have. I guess it is a part of the motherhood package I got.

Come Friday, it is indeed TGIF for Sanju. Tonight he told me 'no school' and I gladly told him 'no school, it is the weekend so we will all go out and enjoy, until Monday'. I try to refrain from using the 'S' word and don't want to get him all upset. And I just pray that he continues being good, smart and handsome boy the next week.

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