Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Boys' Little Dollies

The boys love to play with their little dollies. Well of course the dollies are rather action figures, which they cannot get enough of. And since we always forever saying Iron Man, Superman, this-man, that-man, I take the pleasure of using the term 'dolly' in this post, because this is perhaps the only time I can say it that way. Here is the current line up of dollies. Missing from the picture is the latest addition, Man Of Steel.

They play with them, fight with them, even fight for them. Go to sleep with them. Wake up with them. Or wake up talking about them. These days they even carry their 'dollies' to our outings. At one time, after having his claypot chicken rice, Jeev had Iron Man swimming all over his claypot rice. True story. 

During our weekly porch washing activity (yes, it is an official event of sorts because kids get to do everything they are not allowed to at normal times) they even bring their dollies along, even if it meant spoiling some audio features. Affected badly is IronMan. But what the heck, he always says 'I am Iron Man' and we are like 'duh! Like we don't know already'. At least now in our home he has turned more humble.

Jeev in particular, is obsessed with Iron Man 2. Yes, he specifies it to Iron Man '2'. As soon as he wake up from his nap or sleep, he asks for Iron Man 2. Or if he wakes up moody and about to cry, all I have to ask is, do you want to play with Iron Man 2? And he cheers up instantly and starts his baby talk about Iron Man 2. I usually guess he dreamt some action scene involving the iron dude. See what I mean?

He also seems to have caught the gist that some superheroes do not mind wearing their underwear outside, hence, this picture.


These days the kids are crazy over Man of Steel promos and even got a Superman t-shirt each to boost. This was taken right before we went to watch the movie 'Epic', or rather 'not watch' it. Because I did not, instead was busy attending to bored Jeev who preferred to play at the corridor making me enter random cinema halls to catch sneak peeks.

 Notice how Jeev is doing the Hi-5, something that he caught from the Hi-5 show which he never forgets to show whenever we snap any pictures.

This is another superhero costume for Sanju, hubby's work jacket (notice the reflectors, cool stuff, grabs attention wherever he goes!). Whenever he gets tired of me in the day, he says he is going to 'wert' and grabs papa's jacket.  And no, hubby does not work diverting traffic.

And the latest superhero costume is Sanju's playschool uniform! Yes, he is enrolled for playschool and is attending daily, with lots of coaxing, tears, promises, more tears, and heartaches. From both parents and the little school boy's side. True story. But more on that later! Happy super costume day, just because I feel like it!

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