Thursday, June 20, 2013

Man Of Steel

You remember the saying 'you can't have your cake and eat it too'? Well in our case it is 'we can't have our movie and watch it too'.  We have been taking the boys for movies recently but most of the time we hardly get to watch even 50% of the movie to understand what is going on.

This time it was 'Man Of Steel' and something went differently. We actually did have our movie and watched it too! I actually understand the storyline, and the whys and whats of the movie. And before I get on with the kids' story, I want to say Man Of Steel is totally awesome. A lot more into the background of Krypton and the Els. A lot more into Clark Kent's childhood growing up with super powers. And his relationship with daddy Kent, is very touching. Although we see his fellow Kryptonites having similar powers, Superman just stands out. Definitely a must watch during this hot hot season.

The little boys of steel were dressed to the occasion. And at the cineplex we saw plenty of dudes of steel wearing similar t-shirts, but hey the little boys looked cuter pretending to be Superman and even got comments from young girls who were enchanted with their macho-ism. Ok that's pushing it but you get the idea.

In the beginning the boys were anxious and asked 'I want Superman' as much as donkey asks 'Are we there yet?' in Shrek 2. We were trying to hush them before the others decide to lodge complaints against us for not turning down our 'ringtones'.

And finally once Kal-El came, and slowly started practising his powers (for once we do not see effortless flying and weight lifting like in those older movies) the kids knew their hero was here. They were pretty engaged throughout, and just to curb any possibilities of boredom, we decided to move to the floor right behind our couple seat. At least Jeev had some space to walk about. And he even stole a popcorn from some stranger.

Once the movie was over Sanju walked out with a new glow, as though he is The Superman. He did not once change his serious face, and gave us glances from the corner of his eyes. And during bedtime, he slept hugging Superman dolly. Such moment are just so priceless! Not to mention we actually got the full value of our RM26 spent on the tickets by actually watching the movie!

Go see Man Of Steel, he is back in a new avatar. They got rid of the curly bangs and the red undies on the outside. But the glasses remains, for the clever (?) disguise!

The Man Of Steel with the two boys, comfy on the carpeted floor while I took over the whole couple seat.

When I sent this picture to my bro in law, he replied 'Real Steel'! And come to think of it, he does work in the largest steel company in Asia!

Reward for the Men Of Steel, this midweek snack, chicken ham and cheese rolls.

The recipe is same as my bacon and onion rolls except I arranged chicken ham slices diagonally. Enjoy!

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