Monday, June 3, 2013

My Simple Happiness of Life

I am a SAHM and what makes me happy? It is just those simple things in life that makes my day.

A trip to the Japanese store Daiso is like my vacation. Daiso is a store that sells each item at rm5. Every single piece on sale is a useful item for the household and being a SAHM the house is all you think about. Every time I buy something from there, life feels complete, till the next visit, of course, I get to buy another item. My favourite buys are the ramekins and little casserole dishes suitable for baking, and recently more baking silicon stuff!

My weekly baking, is like my drug, an addiction that gives me the pleasure to plan and shop for the week's coming baking plans. I can't do without it. Nothing beats the satisfaction of having fresh and aromatic bakes out of the oven on a quiet afternoon with the mischievous kids. Ok so it is ironic that our afternoon can be quiet with the kids, but one can always use the word to our effect.

My cooking experiments and ventures make me happy. Apart from baking, I take a great pride in my role as the home chef. With a very receptive (and eager) audience, I have a lot of space to try new dishes every time. In fact if I ever get into a routine, the kids and hubby will show it. So I do my best to avoid routine of any kind, as far as food is concerned.

The excitement and thrill on hubby's face or rather reaction on the phone every time I tell him I am cooking something new keeps me going. And I know he is secretly wishing it is something rich in cheese and meat. And contains bacon and more bacon. And comes in a bottomless bowl that magically refills once you eat it. I shall fulfill the last wish once I get my magic wand, for now, good food rocks!

Seeing the kids having a great time eating my home cooks and bakes makes me smile. Every delightful chuckle of theirs makes me want to please them again and again. The best feeling is when they start asking for the muffins or buns right after I get them out of the oven.

My ginger tea in the afternoon while the kids nap, over the yummy cooking shows on food network is my luxury. This is also the time I get to swoon over the dishes and plan what I want to try next. For the above said reasons.

My trips to baking supply shop is my much awaited weekly event. My life literally changed after I discovered the baking supply shop because there are all baking goodies, ready made pizza crust, frozen puff pastry and even tart shells. On top of that they also have cheese, butter, milk and nuts cheaper than most retail shops. Not to mention premix for all types of cakes and muffins. The possibilities are endless. Its my candy store than I cannot leave easily, empty handed.

And last but not least, my 3 minutes of silence and solitude when they sip on their afternoon drink, is just priceless! After the whole half day of playing, running, fighting, shouting, singing, and everything else to that effect, they finally rest and rejuvenate on their drink, while I just lay back thinking what I should do once they nap!


The Nonya said...

The ginger tea sounds good - can you post a recipe for it?

QarezmaV said...

Sure, will share it some time soon!

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