Sunday, July 21, 2013

Impromptu Father's Day

Klang never fails to amaze, as far as being a foodie goes. We did hear reviews about this old time western restaurant in Port Klang, but we did not plan to head that side, till one fateful day.

We were about to embark on our short but loooooooongggg awaited holiday at Kuantan and we decided to eat something light because we knew we were gonna pig out on the next few days. This was just on the eve of Father's day. But due to hubby working on the Saturday, I felt like a weekday instead.

We dined in at the D'Tavern restaurant in Port Klang, which used to be some pub those days. They had a stage for live band, but news is they do not have performers.

As always, our plan of light food, went missing. Seeing the lobster on menu got us excited and we immediately ordered some.

Here are the boys (including the older boy) waiting for the food. Kids still behaving.

The view from the father's eyes, kids are being adorable.

By the time the food arrived, the kids were too hard to handle. Lobster was the reward for hubby's patience with the kids.

Despite the reputation of a pub, D' Tavern provides a nice and cosy environment for family dining. They have a separate smoking dining area, and service is really prompt by their old-timer employees.

And once at Kuantan,we were still eating in the name of Father's Day. On the first day we had our dinner at Pak Su Seafood Restaurant for their famous stuffed crabs.

 A big hi-5 by Jeev, although he ate almost nothing.

 So this was our spread. Before.

And after.

We were these hungry and angry birds who had to endure a number of trips to the beach and swimming pool in less than 12 hours.

It was indeed an eventful unplanned Father's Day celebration because the kids tested our patience to the highest level, particularly to hubby with their clingy-ness. Happy Father's Day from the kids and myself!

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