Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Parents' New Groove - Help International School

Parenting takes us through a variation of stages. From babyhood, into toddler-hood, and slowly into kiddy life. Ok I know it does not stop here but lets just take baby steps and cruise slowly. From my days of collecting baby cloth diapers, into baby solid feeding, and now into full fledged cooking for the three boys at home (hubby included), life is not the same anymore.

And now that Sanju has started his playschool, we the parents, have got into a new groove, that is school-hunting!

Last weekend I had an exclusive invitation to attend a the Help International School's (HIS) special preview for bloggers and parents. Yes, you read it right, the famous higher learning institution is now starting their own international school, right from pre-school up to upper secondary, and they have an impressive concept cooking.

Their motto “Vita ad plenitudinem”, which in English means “Life in all its fullness”, is reflected in their curriculum with the objective to provide educational experience that is both holistic and global.

Dr. Gerard Louis, Principal, HELP International School, gave a brief introduction of the school's curriculum which is modeled after the UK National Curriculum. The primary school is based on the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) which is a comprehensive, thematic, creative curriculum with specific learning goals for every subject. This is rather a more interesting approach as compared to the usual topical based curriculum that we usually have. The International General Certificate in Secondary Education (IGCSE) with Cambridge International Examination and London Edexcel is the curriculum for the secondary school. 

We had the Principal introduce the teachers one by one, who collectively have almost 400 years of experience, both locally and internationally! Every one of the teachers gave a brief introduction of themselves and their teaching plans for the school, and we are amazed at their sense of leadership and presentation.

And whats more interesting is that, together with education, they also have an emphasis on creative arts, music and sports. And all these elements are going to be collaborated into the teaching curriculum to achieve their goal, Life in all its fullness.

The good news is HIS is having a special preview on the 27th of July, at the HELP University. Do attend and witness their impressive line up of educational experience by yourself!

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