Friday, July 19, 2013

The Kids Unplugged

I have not been blogging lately, and I have got several long overdue posts to be updated but what can I do, I am facing severe writer's bloc, as a symptom due to overdose of kids' fussing, tantrums and stomach flu. Ask hubby how we are saturated to the max enduring all the kiddy mischieves and tantrums. And so I thought, why not post something light, and let the pictures do the talking, of the kids' mischieves.

During our recent trip to Kuantan, we picked the kids up from their sleep. Hence, during our arrival at Teluk Cempedak, the boys are in their sleeping pants.

Jeev never fails to give me his hi-5 post, this time with a stylo mylo use of glasses.

At the same time Sanju is trying to act as the sweaty hunk in his Superman tshirt, with his jammies.

And within minutes of arrival at the hotel, while waiting for our room to be ready, Sanju had an adventure of his own, with Jeev of course, and decided to treat us with this pose. 

And later some more. See how Superman tshirt doubles up as a cape?

 I think he just spotted a hot chick somewhere.

And some lovey sleeping moments in the hotel.


I just love snapping pictures of them sleeping. It captures the innocence of the child inside them, that rarely shows on the outside. True story.

See how attached Jeev is with his Ironman? So attached that we nearly lost Ironman's head in Kuantan hotel. Once back Ironman went for double attachment procedures. One with UHU gam, followed by super glue to set the glue in. This formula was discovered by accident, by yours truly during my endure to get my kid his IRONMAN back. If you happen to publish my formula any where, please give me credits.

And don't miss the botherly love in an actual bathtub. Instead of the small one they have to squeeze in at home.


When at home Sanju likes to sit with his ALL loves on the sofa. So attached, yet again.

And this is how our legs get tangled during nap time. Somehow Jeev loves to sleep at the footboard of the bed.

Sometimes we play cards before nap. Literally PLAY.

And the boys bring a whole new meaning to the word 'playmat'. They use it to the direct meaning of the word. They just PLAY the MAT. Nothing else.


They are a category of their own, which I am yet to discover. Till then, happy weekend!

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