Friday, May 4, 2012

Confessions Of A Second Time Mother

A second time mother confessing up. When I was pregnant with my first kid, Sanju, I read and memorised all kinds of materials to prepare me welcome and nurture our baby. By second time around, life got so exhausting. With an active toddler at that time, I was in no position to be particular about every single detail. Plus with some experience from the first baby, I did take note of some things that can be changed, improved, or just made simpler! So I loosened up a lot of my previous practices that I followed religiously. This was based purely on my own experience and by no means recommended to anyone unless you are very sure about it. And here goes the list based on Amazon loan:

  1. I skipped the baby mittens from birth, only put them on for night time as we sleep in air conditioned room.
  2. No gripe water on my baby, it does not affect the colic much, instead I gave colic drops when needed.
  3. No more sterilising bottles, occasionally washed the bottles in hot water. This reduced my chores tremendously. Plus it is always good for baby to build their immune rather than have everything totally sterilised.
  4. Baby bath given anytime of the day, as opposed to the earlier stern morning practice.
  5. Formula or expressed breast milk feed at room temperature, warm not necessary.
  6. In no rush to feed him solids this time, unlike Sanju's time. I took my time introducing at 6 months, he have tongue thrust so I skipped a few days and tried later. In between when we moved house and all, I skipped solids for him for several days.

So here is my product of second time mothering, Shanjeev, just after shaving his head at Batu Caves last weekend, finally, at 9 months of age. Suddenly I can see the rest of his face, missing his curly locks!



Oh yes, I have received a lot of comments on him being a 'girl', and I guess dressing him in the pink magnifies the confusion. I just enjoy the guessing game. Once at the clinic:

Nurse: Oh, baby is so cute, whats her name?
Me: Shanjeev (smug and ignoring the female reference)
Nurse: But Shanjeev is a boy's name, isn't it?
Me: He is a boy (smile)

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