Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Days With BurgerLand

I have been meaning to post some pictures of the kids' new little (literally) groove. They are so into these imitation Lego figurines that we got them recently. It was not easy allowing the kids to play with little parts because they tend to throw it around and later expect to Google it up with me. We had strict strategy that we only introduced one new figurine a kid at every given time. And after a week another new figurine, provided the previous ones were intact. It was not an easy exercise, very often search teams were sent out all over the house to find so and so's helmet, body or even hands.

The bright side of these little figurines is that since they are made the size and built, most parts are interchangeable, and this is how the boys get into playing dress-up or slumber party with well known super heroes.

Let me warn you that following pictures might be too graphic for those die-hard fans who might not find this amusing. For the others, its a laughter party. An innocent one, of course!

The best buddies, Tony Stark exchange suit with Clark Kent. Don't you love the Clark Kent's evergreen hairstyle?

Hulk and Ironman. Standing behind is a jealous Raphael.

 Captain America, Ironman and random while shirt dude.

As the list goes on, the figurines mix up tops and bottoms so its hard to 'identify' them.

Other happy days are when the boys get to sweat and max it out at the indoor playground. Instead of climbing up and sliding down, they climb the slide, and jump down. Being a kid totally rocks!

At least that was a rather short in height slide, look at what happens at the taller ones.

Sometimes I just sigh and say 'Shanjeev, Shanjeev', and he goes 'Amma, amma'. They always have the last say.

This boy has been down viral infection, gave me a solemn pose after gulping down his milk. This picture is perfect for the Got Milk? campaign. Casting agents anyone?

Just yesterday he showed a great improvement in his appetite, and so it was time to max out happy day! Being surrounded by burgers here, hubby's wildest dream, and the boys got to live it.

Happy just got happier having the super duper humongous burger at BurgerLand at Bandar Botanic Klang. Their specialties are their homemade charcoal buns, mysteriously delicious patty, special BurgerLand mayo and the great service! Do check it out if you are in the area. 

For someone who can never get enough of good and large burgers, I think hubby's search just stopped here. In the background is the satisfying shot of my baby gaining his appetite back. Priceless!

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