Tuesday, February 18, 2014

In-house Google

We have a system in the house that everything is well accounted for, as fast as you can Google it. It is very efficient, not just keeps track of the location all the time, but also different separated parts of it. As much as I would like it, no I did not develop an in-house Google for us. Neither do we have a GPS tracking system to track whereabouts of every item. I am THE Google.

Long before I got married I had read in a Marian Keyes book, something in the lines of 'after getting married she became the lady who knew where everything was'. Obviously the requester is the husband, of course. Where is my socks, where is my laptop, where is the cup, where is ABCXYZ, despite all little things remaining at their original places, there is always this question, Where?

Little did I know once having kids, they join the team of 'requesters', and send out a search party every time they lose something. Except for this is a party of one, ME.

The kids have all kinds of toys. Transformers of different sizes and functions. A set of Iron-Men. Ben10 and his gang. Ben10 with an astronaut-like armor and head gear. Some Lego men, with cool helmets. Some robotic toys that fully come apart into skeletons. And many other figurines.

And glory to the inventors, most of these toys can be dismantled, or transformed, or have flexible head/limbs that come off. And thanks to the kids' curious nature, their favourite past time is to dismantle, or take the head/limbs off, put them all over the house and then forget about it.

Then in all randomness they suddenly come up to me and ask, where is my Ben10 head, where is Ironman head, where is ABCXYZ? And sometimes a certain forgotten abandoned figurine like Mr Incredible becomes a total hot cake when all of a sudden they catch a glimpse if it on TV. And they would demand for it immediately.

For the sanity of mankind, and mostly myself, I have archived (stowed away) most of their unused and redundant toys into the store room. Thanks to TV shows, adhoc search requests come up from time to time. The search party does its job.

Learning from my massive search efforts, I have made it a habit to pick up every single head, limb or helmet that I see on the floor and keep it in a corner. Sooner or later one boy will come up and 'google' for it, and I would just point towards it. I am Google.

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