Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bringing Up Boys

It has been 5 years and counting. Bringing up two boys is an experience on its own, its practically a whole career out of that. A career we call Parenthood.

It is a whole roller coaster of emotions and tantrums. A heart warming 'awww' moment in one minute, and eyebrow raising moment at another. Sometimes it is just plain jaw dropping awe, and at others, plain horror of having to clean-up a massive mess, that is to say the least.

Sometime we think we give in and let them do as they please, wonderfully smiling at them creating carefree childhood memories, and sometimes you just want to pull your hair out and scream for some peace. And sometimes I do just that. Scream. And lots of it. So much that the kids probably think 'there goes another scream-fest and then we are back to normal'.

During a difficult outing, you try to wind down and think the worst is over. You get them Happy Meals (plus free toy, yeay for kids and for our pocket). While you are giving yourself a break indulging in Ronald McDonald happy time, suddenly you hear a scream! Someone had accidentally bite his finger while eating, and needs TLC pronto! Or the more mundane case, is fighting over each others toys, which by the way, looks exactly the same. In fact it is exactly the same toy. We call it the 'What can go wrong' analysis, anything can go wrong!

What does it mean, bringing up boys? Here's a short list, from my half-sane mind:

1) Every time is play time, play time is every time. Playing water before shower, playing towel after shower. Playing while awake. Playing before bed. Playing is play. And play is playing. And if that is not enough, they ask 'can I play some more upstairs after I play downstairs?'

I mean, how much more can you play, or how much less can you NOT play?

2) Playing dress up means changing heads on the Lego tiny men, which by the way, we have got lots by now. Not in pic are the rest of the population of Lego-ville.

3) Colouring session lasts approx 3 mins. After that its free colouring outside the lines or even outside the book, the couch, and you get the gist.

4) Buying toys means buying Lego figurines, and more and more of them. Its never enough to have Ironman Lego dudes, and its always better to have them in all possible colours/marks possible. And not to mention those other figurines.

5) In time of conflict, super heroes make a great distraction subject. What do you mean you don't want to eat, don't you want to be strong like Hulk? You are tired? Come on, you are the Ironman, you are always energetic. You don't want to share? Think of the Avengars, they are a group and they share.

6) Gone are the days we keep up with the Joneses. And since the past 5 years I no longer Keep Up With The Kardashians. It is the age to keep up with Marvels and Transformers, through their movies, comics, cartoons and not to mention toys. If I get one wrong they go 'Amma you don't know?'. Ouch, how can I not know? I am their go-to for every whats and whys. So I have to know. Even if it means going through gibberish pictorial manual to transform Bumbleebee the bot into the cute yellow car. Like at 8am minutes before leaving home for work & kindy. Nothing is impossible.

Here's me joining the crowd at a recent Avengers exhibition. 

And then here's hubby aka HULK carrying his minions.

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