Friday, March 29, 2013

Boys Will Be Boys

No Doubt about that. Boys will always be boys. Everything is about robots, destruction, and dush-dush.

Every single toy is a possibility to make a robot. Or pretend to be Ironman.

Even the clothes pegs make a robot.

Or if you have an existing robot, it ends up being decapitated.

You share a ride with your brother.

And sometimes the ride shares you.

Even though you have the exact same duplicate pairs of slippers, you still prefer wearing your brother's smaller/larger sized one.

Meet Mr. Optimus Prime, he loses bits and pieces on a daily basis.

 This is how you block out mom's nagging.

 Every vehicle can turn into a ride.

A stylo ride at that.

I remember seeing Barbie doll riding her pink car with her other pretty comrades. But here duplicates of spiderman figures ride the yellow Ferrari, otherwise known as Bumblebee by the kids.

Colouring with crayons is fun. But after a while the crayons start fighting with each other. True story.

This is Ironman. Can you see how? Its got a pair of hands, a white head and the helmet cover thingy that comes from behind. And this Ironman can be dismantled and put back together. What else can a boy ask for? 

And this is how you show your love to your brother. Be willing to perform any kinds of stunts possible. To ensure all this is done under supervision, I cannot take my eyes off them even for a micro second else other unimaginable stunts will take place.

 Boys will always be boys. And I have two of them. Unlimited mischief and cutesy antiques. Praying hard that I can keep up with them!

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