Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Avent bottles leaking dilemma

Like many mothers out there I spared no mercy stashing for my pride and joy. After extensive research and recommendations, I settled for Avent PES bottles for my baby, for the BPA free and anti colic features.

My husband in particular loved the anti colic feature that uses valves - he is mechanical engineer specialising in valves, mind you, he fully agreed that this is the correct bottle for our Sanju.

Imagine my horror when one day while feeding my little boy, the milk starts spilling from the neck & teat. It was so frustating and disappointing, and not to mention baby's top is all wet.

I rushed online for some solutions. The proved to be pretty useful, at least I knew that I am not the only one seeing this, for a while I thought i had purchased some reject batch or something.

The method works at some point, but later I started seeing the problem again. The I discovered a method when tightening the ring onto the bottle. The trick is when u tighten the ring onto the bottle, do not fully tighten it, while tightening u will hear some air coming out... that activates the valve that will let the air into the bottle as your baby drinks. Additionally, just gently shake your bottle to let more air out, and after that test the bottle, it should not leak.

Try it... feedbacks & comments welcome.

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