Monday, June 21, 2010

My Raavanan movie review

I had high expectations on Mani Ratnam's new flick... IMO he has never gone wrong in any of his films... his films are somehow fit in a backdrop of ugly reality, with a emotionally touching story embedded within.. eg Kannathil Muttamital, Anjali, Roja, Dilse... This time MR decides to make a film based on the Hindu epic, Ramayan.

Vikram as the bad@$ Veera, loved by his tribe, speaking some difficult tamil dialect (i suspect i'd hv perfectly understood the dialect spoken in hindi, would hv been most likely bhojpuri) - just as Ramayan's Raavan he has his 'sister' factor to abduct the modern day Sita. Vikram did a pretty good job, but i felt he overreacted in certain parts.

Prithviraj as the good cop Dev, managed to keep a smiley face throughout difficult situations, which at times seems a lil cynical, and we wonder if he is acting as a villain within. On another note, he looks damn good, as handsome as Ram is said to be. The downside is poor chap had very little role to play, and in that little role, he had minimal emotions displayed.

Aishwarya as the pretty Ragini, keeps one look throughout the film, a certain pouty face of hers that we see in the promos. As the ramayan Sita, Aishwarya does not live to expectations... wish there was more character given to her.

When i first saw the trailors, the visuals and stills seemed so perfectly put i was almost certain that MR would be able to justify them in the film... But sadly while watching the movie, those 'picture perfect' scenes seemed forced into the screenplay, or rather, the screenplay was created to wrap around the 'stills'?

The cinematography and the background music were awesome, perhaps the best things about the film. Scenes between Veera & Ragini are like choreographed in such a way that they seem ridiculous. The first half was very draggy, 2nd half was more worth it. However the audience wont feel any kind of sympathy when the Dev-Ragini couple finally reunites, neither would they, because till the end it was only about capturing Veera. And why in the world did the team of army have to shoot Veera continuously? To kill all his 10 heads? How come it was so easy for Ragini to go back and find Veera, when the police were not able to do it all along?

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