Monday, June 14, 2010

My cloth diaper steps

Being a new mommy, I explored every single modern products to best suit my baby's needs and my convenience as the super busy mother in the city.

One such 'modern' product I came across is the modern cloth diaper. No, I am not talking about traditional square pieces of cotton fabric that we fold into what looks like a baby napkin. After 2 months of using baby napkin on my newborn, I got tired of the amount of laundry I had to do daily, and told myself 'there's gotta be better way for this'.

I have been frequenting the Malaysian Brides forum ever since my pregnancy. Not only i met many new mothers, fellow pregger ladies, I also picked up a lot of tips and information that are sincerely shared by frequent posters there actually provided plenty of insights for me to prepare for the coming delivery and motherhood.

One such information that came in very handy for me is the modern cloth diaper. In a nutshell, it is a washable & reusable diaper with the convenience of a disposable. Gosh, was I new to this world, there are terms and jargons that is totally German to me... thank god someone gave me this link: CD glossary

I've started off with One size pocket diapers, with baby growing rapidly in first few months, it been the most convenient in washing as well as accommodating his growth, and hey, it is also daddy friendly... as long as they know how to put on a dispos for baby, cloth diapers are just a snap - literally!

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