Saturday, June 12, 2010

My big guy's current obsession

There's a lot of swearings, shoutings and bangings in my house lately.. ranging from 7.30pm up to 2.30am. No, it is not domestic violence I am speaking of here, but the current craze, World Cup 2010.

To stay in the game, I am sort of keeping up with the matches and score, more like, I am constantly being fed with information and updates on the games by dear hubby, just to ensure that I am not left out, and can at least support the same team as him... like that makes a difference, but given the fact that I am clueless about soccer, at least I get some heads up for conversations between the half time, if I am still awake, that is.

It amazes me how a World Cup fan can get so emotional and responsive to each and every stupid or smart moves their favorite team makes, and actual comments are made out loud, as if the players can somehow hear and accept some feedback to improve their game.

Speaking of which, sounds like a great idea for future technology advancement, why not provide method to communicate with players while they are playing... and why not choose a lucky fan to comment and possibly improve their tactics? I'll vote for dear hubby... any future Bill Gates listening?

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vishnu0404 said...

OMG that's a wonderful idea baby. PFC (Player Fan Commentator / Consultant / Communicator /Connector /Coordinator / Coach) The best part is that you proposed me as the lucky fan!!! I Love You dear..... muaaaaxsss!

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