Monday, August 16, 2010

10 Things Motherhood Has Taught Me

Just 7 months down the line, and motherhood has taught me so much... 10 Major things are:

1) Blessing baby after each sneeze - I follow my mom's method, and I've got used to it that I even bless myself after sneezing without realizing it!

2) Space optimization (read squeezing items onto each other) in the car... We travel down south pretty often and this skill is very much needed with all the baby things everywhere.

3) Online shopping is the best - Not just they have better promotions and cheaper prices, we also can cut those trip down to shops which only incur extra time in packing/preparing/getting baby ready.

4) Thinking green while cloth diapering my baby. I've never been an environmentally aware person, but hey I can save $$$ while do good for the earth, why not?

5) Appreciate watching movies on DVDs, as we have close to zero chance of visiting the cineplex ever again (ok, maybe just for a couple of years), but I wish those DVD mongers would be more honest about the quality of the copy.

6) Steaming food - Indians, my family in particular, never ever cook any steamed dishes, so steaming fruits & vegetables for Sanju was my first, and I am looking forward to adapting it into our daily meals.

7) Restaurants with highchair - I have definitely started appreciating restaurants that provide a cosy highchair for my little one.

8) Checking food labels for sodium content - Well, I am not an overly pro-sodium, neither do I detest it, as long as we take it moderately, it works for me. But now that I need to get cheese and some other foods for Sanju, I gotta be more aware of the contents of sodium and other preservatives.

9) Buying up-sized clothes for baby - He grows so fast, nothing lasts more than 1-2 months, so its always better to think ahead and purchase 1 or 2 size larger... yes, just like how our parents did it those days, and we wondered why!

10) Bringing up a baby is daily education, in terms of baby care, food, nutrition and daily planning, no amount of university or training can ever train me for that!

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