Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bamboolite CD giveaway!

Still seems very dream-like to me... it is not like I have not raved enough about Bamboolite cloth diapers on my blog. And now they are having a giveaway for us Bamboolite-crazy mommies! It just can't get better! Link here

Being a first time mom, I did most of my research through mommies I found on online forums, as well as online shops. All of them provide very accurate and useful information and tips for a newbie learning up basics of baby care for their coming little one.

Cloth diapers are indeed quite costly as compared to the traditional diapering. But weighing in the pros in the long term, it definitely beats the cost of using the disposable diapers, and not to mention the impacts on waste & landfills.

My first every cloth diaper was indeed Bamboolite, which I purchased from the lovely owner of LovelyGoody, Hannah. She helped me a lot in learning better insights of Bamboolite CD in particular, and I am glad I chose her store as my baby step on CD. Alternatively, Bamboolite is also available at Baby My Luv Online.

What I absolutely love about Bamboolite diapers is the bamboo soakers that is super-absorbant, my baby has been on it for night use till now, full 9pm-6am with no leaks, no complains. Apart from that, the bamboo velour inner is not just soft and gentle to baby's skin, its natural antibacterial properties are worth shouting over the rooftops about. And now the new Bamboolite CM-TrueFit even comes with an extra booster, what else can a mom ask for?

My favourite colour CM-TrueFit has got to be the Lavendar... nice soft touch for a soft CD!

The best thing about Bamboolite CDs is that they are Malaysian made, under SAGM (Stay-alone-grand-ma) project. So, you know that no overhead shipping or tax charges are incurred in the price, just pure quality and goodness. More info on Bamboolite's giving back to society here.

Bamboolite's official web page is this .

Here's a pic of my baby flaunting his yellow bamboolite...


Cloth Diaper Malaysia said...

Thanks for your entries Karishma! :)

QarezmaV said...

my pleasure..
pick me! pick me!

Cas said...

OMG your baby is sooo adorable in that diaper!!

QarezmaV said...

thx Cas.. this was actually months back...

Anonymous said...

my vote goes for SANJU!!!

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