Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Baby on Solids

Yes, it is official now. Sanju took his first solid bite just 3 weeks ago and so far he is loving it. I have religiously followed guides and tips from to ensure the best, the right and only the non-allergen is given to him during his first few days.

He started off with Heinz rice cereal, his first bite was sort of a confused one. A few weeks before he was already excited seeing us eat and always curious to put the spoons or food into his mouth. The taste that he finally got is something that would have never expected, probably thinking, WTH?

After getting him accustomed to the rice cereal, I started to introduce fruit purees such as apple, banana, pears and peach... all of which has completed testing & evaluation, now confirmed to be compliant with his system (for once I sound like an engineer here). Although the super-mom I try to be, I have to confess that his first few purees were not homemade, but from Heinz and Gerber's which I had bought earlier. Well I don't know it was laziness or just doubt of preparing it the right way, or maybe it was just both. And also the fact that they were easily available in the hypermarkets, made me even more lazy to prepare my own!

Anyhow, now as I plan to introduce vegetables to him, I am gonna prepare a few purees on my own this weekend and freeze them for next week. Lets see... I think I will get potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin & carrots... After he is ok with each of them, maybe prepare portions of mixed vegs of the 2 different colours for daily feeds, now its starting to get interesting! And yeah, he is also taking baby oats, which he loves most with bananas!

Where are the pics? Well in my camera, and I will soon update this entry with it.. till then, stay tuned!EDIT - pic updated, as promised!

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