Monday, August 23, 2010

Cooking For Love - Cinnamon-ed Applesauce

I have started preparing purees for my baby, with being my bible (do I sound too holy? let me be a techie...), my baby food manual.

Now that he has tried the most of the vegetables/fruits suitable for his age group, I'm now moving on to introducing spices such as cinnamon to his diet, and what better than to include it in the applesauce?

The recipe/method is very simple... Just bake or cook the apples in pan, with enough water to cover the pan and boil the apples with.. say about 10-15 mins, just look out for the apples to become soft. And yeah, don't forget to sprinkle some cinnamon on the apples. Once done, just mash them up, or use the blender to puree.

The lazy me, is only good in taking pics while food are still in the pan.

The sweet aroma of cinnamon got me craving for Saint Cinnamon's. For temporary relief, I made myself & hubby this french toast with cinnamon, and for proper satisfaction, we dropped by at the Saint Cinnamon outlet in Midvalley after the parenthood expo... it was just so sinful!

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