Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BambooLite CM-TrueFit Photo Contest - Sanju in Bamboolite action

My favourite CD, Bamboolite is having a photo contest, and Sanju (or at least me) is quick in action to participate!

Prizes include:
GRAND PRIZE – 1 piece CM-TrueFit Premium (worth Rm80)
1st PRIZE – 1 piece CM-TrueFit PUL Extra (worth RM66)
2nd PRIZE – 1 piece CM-TrueFit PUL Lite (worth RM54)
3rd PRIZE – 1 piece Printed Fleece Cover – new product!! (worth RM35)

And there are chances of more prizes to be added with more participants!

To find out more about Bamboolite, you can click here and hey, they also have their own Facebook page, become a fan today. And do remember to click 'Like' at Sanju's seductive photo!

Here is Sanju's entry photo, are you seduced yet?

Name : Shanjay Kanth
Age : 8 months
Type of Diaper : Bamboolite (old version, yellow and still shining)
What I like about Bamboolite : The bamboo inner, soft and gentle on Sanju's precious soft bum!

Please leave a comment to increase my chances of winning. Also do visit Bamboolite's FB page and click 'Like' on Sanju's entry.

Thanks for your votes & support.. Have a bamboolicious day!


MH Yap said...

He have a big round eyes!!

Cloth Diaper Malaysia said...

Yellow is a pretty nice colour alright! :-D

darren said...

tat nice bright bamboolite really sits comfortabally on sanju's soft little bum...n it really sooths him...can be seen frm his seducing smile...

auntie ratna said...

oh my, i'm in love...

Sheena said...

He is soooo adorable!!I really wish we can meet up so I would be able to squeeze ur DS cheecks!!

Merryn said...

aiyo so cute Shanjay :D

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