Sunday, September 19, 2010

And I WON!!

Remember the Bamboolite Giveaway I posted here a while back? While being away from internet and blogging the past one week due to holidays and all, I managed to check Cloth Diaper Malaysia's latest post by accident, which was incidentally about to announce the winners of the giveaway.

I was secretly hoping to win at the back of my head (who wouldn't?) when I opened the page, but kicked myself imagining seeing my name, but hey imagine the surprise of surprises when I actually see that I WON!!

(Holding the microphone on one hand, and the Oscar on the other) I'd like to thank the Bamboolite folks and Cloth Diaper Malaysia, my hubby, family and friends, and the crew...

Jokes apart... my gratitude credited are genuine... It is a nice surprise after recovering from a very bad viral fever, even for Sanju, now his bum is awaiting a new Bamboolite TrueFit PUL Extra to be prepped for use! Here's a sneak peek of the prize diaper before prep:


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