Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Night Time Diapering Solution on a Budget

For the last 5 months, my night time diapering solution was Bamboolite (old version) which all the while proved to be sufficient for my medium wetter's needs. As Sanju is growing, his wetting degree changed from light/medium wetter to medium/heavy wetter, the totally soaked up bamboolite diapers are testimony for this.

I started looking out for new night diapering solutions, one option was getting fitted diapers for the multiple layers of thirsty pee soakers.

The advantage of using fitted diapers are:
  • Fits snugly on baby
  • Able to wash at high temperature
  • Can be used day time (without cover) and night time (with cover), the optional soaker gives trim or bulky diaper
  • Soaker layers can go up to a whopping 20 layers!

On the other side, I decided against a fitter diaper, mainly due to reasons:
  • Takes longer to dry
  • A PUL cover or wool longie is needed, as the diapers are not waterproof. Mind you, woolies cost quite a lot, as much as the diapers itself
  • Possible smell problems since there are many layers
  • Diaper cost on the higher side due to the layers

After much consideration and research, I found one very useful tip. As my bamboolite inserts are wearing off with frequent use, why not I just purchase the new Bamboolite's foldover inserts, that will fit perfect into my old BL shells.

This is what a foldover insert (reminds me of Chicken Foldover from McD's whenever I say this, I hope McD's will one day bring it back) looks like. When folded into 2, it provides a total 6 layers of absorbant bamboo layers.

And since my Bamboolite is still in it's medium size settings, I get to fold it one more layer, as below, giving me a total of 9 bamboo layers at the top wetting zone (works on boys).

So I purchased 2 pieces of this foldover inserts for my existing 2 Bamboolite shells, with 9 layers of absorbant bamboo layers for night use. All this at below RM50! Now that fits my budget and night needs like a charm!

Another advantage for this system is that the foldover inserts come with a bamboo velour outer layer, which means it can be used as A12 (All in two) system with the shells, say if I get more foldover inserts in the future, I can change the soiled inserts without having to change the whole shell!

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