Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Permanent Hair Colour

Permanent hair colour apparently means it is not meant for colouring grey hair. No wonder those cute and attractive colouring kits don't work for me in the recent years.

So instead of meaning 'we colour your hair permanently', it means 'we colour only permanent hair colour'? Mind you, my grey hairs are very much permanent in colour and existence.

Hair colouring is rather an important topic (or action) for us women. In my younger days, hair colouring was a self pampering plan to look forward to while getting other hair treatments.

Choice of colour was often influenced by the current trends featured in my favourite fashion magazine, secretly hoping it can make me look like the model wearing colour! There are numerous brands out there to choose from, with a dark Asian mane, its hard to go wrong.

Now as life progresses and body starting changing it's pace with the growing numbers of candles on my birthday cake, hair colouring has become a chore.

Far from being trendy, I now focus on hiding certain contrasting strands on my head. For uniform and natural results, it is better to stick with natural colours, this, I learnt the hard way.

And hey, isn't our grey hair the sign of wisdom through the years of our life!
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