Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bringing The House Down

Once Sanju turned one, and was walking around vigorously, we decided it was time for him to inherit the family heirloom - my baby sister's Mickey Mouse Playhouse. It is just a simple tent-like playhouse that stands on a skeleton of plastic pipes. We bought it like in 1996 from then-hot-and-famous Macro warehouse store. In fact plenty of Pooja's (that's the baby-devil-sister who is no longer a baby) toys were bought there as they had good variety of brands. After she outgrew it, the thoughtful sisters packed it nicely to pass it on to the next generation, but honestly, I never ever thought the time would ever come when my own kid would be playing in the house.

Little did we know that giving a tent playhouse to a baby boy is so totally different from having a girl enjoy it. Within weeks, Sanju decided that he does not want to play in the playhouse anymore, and that it looked better upside down, taken apart, abused in all ways possible.

Here's a picture before:

Busy turning it down:

Mission accomplished:

And when he is not taking things apart, he drives around in his mini:

And at other times, papa's car:


Nuroll said...

adorable sanju...;)!

Cas said...

Hahaha tooo adorable!! Esp in his own car :)

QarezmaV said...

he is very stylo... most of the time he stands while driving.. something that u only see in hindi movies.. LOL

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